Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (2023)

Handpicked log cabin retreats

Have you thought about taking your pets on holiday to Cheshire? Dog-friendly log cabins in Cheshire are easier than ever to find. Whether you are looking for the best countryside views in the region or want access to the historic city of Chester.

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (1)

We find the best dog friendly lodges in Cheshire so you don't have to!

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (2)

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (3)

  • sleep 2
  • 2 pets

Hankelow, Cheshire

This luxurious barn is situated in a quiet hamlet and is ideal for a couple looking for a relaxing holiday. There is a smart TV in the living room and in the bedroom, and there is an outdoor bicycle storage room. Explore the Cheshire countryside with miles of walking and cycling routes on your doorstep.

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (4)

  • 10 sleeping places
  • 2 pets

Chester, Cheshire

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An ideal holiday home with many great facilities. Perfect for a large group or a special occasion. There is a gym with a rowing machine, stationary bike and elliptical machine, as well as a private indoor pool. The historic cities of Liverpool and Manchester are just a short drive away and make for great day trips.

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (5)

  • 10 sleeping places
  • 2 pets

Höheres Barnes, Cheshire

A converted luxury bar with an open plan living area and five bedrooms, perfect for a large group. On-site facilities include a cinema room and a shared tennis court. The town of Shrewsbury is close by as is Chester Zoo for lots of fun activities to do with the kids.

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (6)

  • 4 people
  • 2 pets

Ellesmere, Cheshire

This appealing ground floor cabin sleeps four and is amazingly dog ​​friendly. Just call before bringing your pets! There is a patio, lawn, access to a paddock and more. Underfloor heating is available. There is an open living/kitchen/dining room.

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (7)

  • sleep 2
  • 2 pets

Delamere-Wald, Cheshire

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A majestic cabin with a double bedroom and a bathroom with freestanding bath overlooking the forest. Outside on the private patio surrounded by wildlife, there is a gas grill and hot tub. Enjoy long walks in the woods or visit the villages of Hatchmere and Moldsworth.

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (8)

  • 4 people
  • 4 pets

Delamere-Wald, Cheshire

With 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this one level lodge is ideal for a small family. There is a large private hot tub, off street parking and a fully integrated kitchen. Explore the surrounding woodland on walks and bike rides, or visit the nearby village of Cuddington.

  • 4 people
  • 4 pets

Delamere-Wald, Cheshire

A luxury 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom woodland lodge with underfloor heating throughout. Sit on the furnished balcony or relax in the private jacuzzi. The city of Chester is a short drive away, while Liverpool and Manchester make great day trips but further afield.

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (10)

  • 8 people
  • 4 pets

Delamere-Wald, Cheshire

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This outstanding tree house has 4 bedrooms, an additional capsule for 2 people and 4 bathrooms. In the living room there is a wood stove, while outside there is a terrace and a parking space. Drive to the market town of Nantwich from this cottage or enjoy the woodland walks on your doorstep.

Why Choose Cheshire Log Cabins?

The North West of England, encompassing Cheshire and beyond, really has to be seen to be believed. It's one of our absolute favorites when it comes to pet-friendly vacation spots. The Cheshire countryside offers all sorts of wonderful routes for you and your four-legged friend to traverse.

But what are you looking for in the best Cheshire countryside? Are you looking for a wood burning stove, open plan living area and downstairs bathroom? What about your own private hot tub? Check out our top picks and we'll fill you in on what's out there soon.

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (11)

Cheap weekend trips

Cheshire is also popular for its affordability. Dog-friendly lodges and cabins near Chester are surprisingly inexpensive – meaning that if you want to explore the city or quaint villages, or just relax for a day or two, a holiday up here really won't break the bank.

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (12)

Self catering lodges

Self catering in Chesire is a great way to break away from the old routine from time to time. Book a weekend away with your furry friend to explore nearby historic sites and the heart of Cheshire - you can tailor your short break to suit you!

Dog Friendly Log Cabins in Cheshire & Delamere Forest (13)

real estate on the river

Cheshire may not seem like a coastal region, but there are actually dog-friendly cottages close to the shore in Wirral, meaning there's always an option to break away from the city to enjoy some time out in the water. Soak up the ambiance of your coastal environment.

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About holidaying in Cheshire with dogs

Cheshire is a county in north-west England that has many surprises up its sleeve. Why not take a look at our picks for the best pet friendly lodges?

It's not hard to see why so many people enjoy taking their pets on holiday to explore wider Cheshire. TheCity of Chesteritself and its fabulous city walls often offer enough interest for staycationers. But also for dog lovers and family holidaymakers there are quite a few holiday resorts and sights in the surrounding area that are worth exploring.

Knowsley Safari Park, for example, is a great family outing that is likely to appeal to holidaymakers in Cheshire. However, for dog owners, there is all the countryside to explore beyond the popular urban areas. For example, explore places like Tattershall and Malpas! There are also plenty of clear links into North Wales, meaning you can make it a true cross-country holiday if you wish.

The Northwest is also full of popular historic sites and scenic waterways. Walk your pets along the River Dee and explore the nearby historic heritage of Manchester and Liverpool.

Last word

For us, Cheshire is a promising county and pretty much everything you could want in an all-round stay. There are many beautiful country walks, riverside walks and connections to and from some of the most popular city centers in the North of England. Some of our favorites are of course Liverpool, Manchester and of course Chester itself, but North Wales in the south is also well worth exploring, with the town of Wrexham being a hotspot for many people. These are just a few of the days you'll be out and there are also a number of pubs so you'll never be short of places to eat with pets.

For dog lovers - and their pets, of course - Cheshire is a walker's paradise. Riverside walks along the River Dee and woodland adventures in places like Delamere Forest are clear highlights for us - and we're sure you'll feel the same over time. If you and your pup are really into your waterfront walks, you should probably also check out the Nantwich Loop, one of the most popular country and waterfront walks in the region.

Of course, Cheshire has more to offer than its varied walks and countryside, and it's also great for families. From Chester's vibrant city center towards Lyme, Tatton Park and the Ness Botanical Gardens, there are some wonderful days to spend in the region. Many people assume that Cheshire is simply the backyard of cities like Manchester - and while that's true to a certain extent, there's a lot more to explore here than you might think. You can trust us!

This is why so many more dog friendly lodges and cottages are opening up in the Cheshire region. The area tends to be full of cottages and similar hideaways, but if you're looking for a change of pace you might want to take a look at cottages and lodges near historic sites and quaint villages. It's pretty clear that Cheshire has had enough of it, so fill up and explore with your pups as much as you can.

We went on a quest to find the best open plan lodges, multi-story cabins and more. All of the best cabins and lodges on our list are located near some of the most scenic parts of Chesire's countryside, while still offering easy access to the town's family fun and amenities. Of course, all nine of our lodge picks here also openly welcome dogs, which means it shouldn't be too hard to pick a few favorites before heading out to explore.

It's worth considering what you really want from the perfect Cheshire dog-friendly lodge. Are you looking for a non-working farm close to Chester city centre? How about a ground floor breakaway with a wood burning stove and fenced yard? Of course, you could also be on the lookout for the perfect coup de grace, the private jacuzzi.

In any case, we've made sure to put together a wide range of Cheshire log cabins and lodges that are both pet-friendly and appeal to a wide range of tastes and needs. Pick a few favorites from our list and settle into this wonderful county - and explore its mansions, family parks, dog walks and countryside whenever you're ready. There are plenty of things to see and do in Cheshire and now really is the time to book ahead.

Still uncertain? Search loads moreDog friendly lodges in North West EnglandAnddog friendly cottages in Cheshire.

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