Guest Houses with Hot Tubs in the North of England | Great Deals | UK Hot Tub Tours (2023)

Guest Houses with Hot Tubs in the North of England | Great Deals | UK Hot Tub Tours (1)

Visit the North of England and experience a variety of unforgettable foodLodge with Hot Tubexperience. From lakeside settings to rugged mountains, vibrant cities and cultural centers, the North is home to hundreds of popular tourist attractions that guarantee a unique hot tub vacation. If rugged mountain walks, stunning lake views and quaint market towns sound like your thing, then you'll be spoiled for choice!

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Explore the Lake District while resting at the lodge

Explore rolling landscapesLake DistrictNational park with plenty of hiking trails for walkers of all levels. Admire the beautiful scenery as you reach the top of Scafell Pike or, if you're brave enough, take on the rough trails of Helvellyn! Explore the lakes on one of the many Lake District cruises, including Keswick Launch, Ullswater Steamers or Windermere Ferry, for a peaceful ride on calm waters.

Lake Windermere is a particular highlight: at 10.5 miles long, it is the largest natural lake in England and offers endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Visit Bowness-on-Windermere for the chance to take a boat ride across the tranquil lake, and be sure to wander the delightful town and admire its quirky Victorian architecture. On the other side of the lake is lovely Ambleside: this popular tourist destination is the perfect base for exploring the Lake District, with plenty of attractions, shops and restaurants to keep you entertained, and plenty of options for outdoor adventures.

Cumbria is the home of Beatrix Potter, one of the most famous children's authors of all time! Visit Hill Top, the charming cottage that inspired much of her work, or head to the World of Beatrix Potter attraction for an immersive family adventure. This fascinating attraction brings characters from Beatrix Potter's magical tales to life, including a 3D structure of Peter Rabbit and delicious treats from the Tea Room. Don't forget to stop by the gift shop and treat yourself with some souvenirs! Cumbria is also home to famous poet William Wordsworth - visit the quaint pigeon loft where he wrote many of his much-loved poems and explore the Wordsworth Museum to find out more about him life story.

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Guest Houses with Hot Tubs in the North of England | Great Deals | UK Hot Tub Tours (2)

northumberland food

Further north, closer to the Scottish Borders, you'll find rolling landscapes, fascinating monuments and the warm welcome of Northumberland. Visit stunning Alnwick Castle, the ancestral home of the Duke of Northumberland: discover the stunning State Rooms, unique grounds and acres of landscaped gardens, including the eerie and enchanting Poison Garden! The market town of Alnwick has plenty of cafes and pubs, so you can stop in for a snack and a cup of tea after a day of exploring.

Walk the Northumberland Coast Path, trekking 64 miles of spectacular coastline with sandy beaches, secluded bays and spectacular sea views. The world-famous Hadrian's Wall surrounds the county - hike along the historic stone wall and admire its distinctive turrets and bastions. There are also many charming coastal villages in the area, including Seahouses, where you can catch a ferry to the secluded and wildlife-filled Farne Islands, which are home to huge puffins! Admire the signs of an ancient civilization on the holy island of Lindisfarne, off the coast of Northumberland: stop at the center of Lindisfarne for a glimpse of the island's history, or have a sip of Lindisfarne at St Aidan's Winery Farne mead.

Guest Houses with Hot Tubs in the North of England | Great Deals | UK Hot Tub Tours (3)

northern england gem

Head to County Durham for history, heritage and natural beauty in equal measure. Step back in time when you visit Beamish, Museum of Northern Life: This open-air living museum offers a unique exploration of Northern storiesnortheastFeaturing an Edwardian town, Georgian farm and vintage trams from the 1800s, tour the site. The city of Durham has much to explore, including the majestic Durham Cathedral, the historic Market Hall and many world-class events, exhibitions and festivals. Take in the incredible vibe of this friendly city by strolling its cobblestone streets, with its many independent restaurants and bars where you can enjoy delicious local food and drinks.

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Explore the ancient forests and rugged mountains of the North Pennines, an area of ​​natural beauty with rolling valleys, rushing rivers, historic mines and cemeteries. For more of the great outdoors, hike to the mighty High Force Falls and watch them plunge into the canyon below. Visit Seaham and enjoy the coastal region of County Durham, a rugged coastal town with limestone cliffs and seaside paths, perfect for brisk walks on the beach and a drink in the local pub Enjoy a hearty dinner.

When you visit Cheshire, you can choose from a number of things to do. Chester is an architecturally rich city, with the striking Chester Cathedral, the English Heritage Roman Amphitheater and the still towering ancient city walls. Hop on a city-sightseeing open-top bus tour and circle the city on a classic double-decker bus, or take a cruise on one of the city's river cruises. Take a walk along the banks of the River Dee, or visit one of the fascinating museums with a variety of historical exhibits.

Guest Houses with Hot Tubs in the North of England | Great Deals | UK Hot Tub Tours (4)

Happy Hour in the North of England

There are many popular tourist attractions in the area: meet more than 500 endangered animals at Chester Zoo and experience a variety of tours, talks and animal activities. If marine life is more your thing, head to the Blue Planet Aquarium for an up-close encounter with sharks in an underwater tunnel. For a science lesson like no other, head to the Jodrell Bank Discovery Center at the Jodrell Bank Observatory: see beneath the Lovell Telescope, or attend a fascinating science show detailing the wonders of the solar system. Tatton Park is a historic country estate with beautifully landscaped gardens and fascinating audio-visual exhibits; the Tudor home offers acres to explore, including a beautiful deer park, home to flocks of red Deer and fawn.

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This cultural gem hosts frequent events throughout the year, so be sure to check the event diary before you head down the mountain. Gulliver's World theme park is great for the family, with exciting rides, shows and attractions to explore. Visit Delamere Forest, which has acres of peaceful woodland, lots of walking trails and even a Go Ape experience for the adventurous!

To the northwest is vibrant Lancashire, offering a delightful range of seaside towns, countryside and great outdoors. Lancashire is home to two Areas of Natural Beauty: walk Pendle Hill, famous for its notorious history of witch trials, or explore Bowland Forest for its wild scenery and vast woodlands. The vibrant and friendly town of Lancaster is a particular highlight: the hilltop city has a great selection of museums, restaurants and bars.

Guest Houses with Hot Tubs in the North of England | Great Deals | UK Hot Tub Tours (5)

Visit medieval Lancaster Castle with its prison cells, historic collections and stunning views of the River Loon. Be sure to stop by Old School Brewery in Wharton, which offers a wide variety of local beers. Head to the coast to visit Blackpool, a classic seaside resort with the iconic Blackpool Pier and Pleasure Beach - brave a thrilling roller coaster ride, climb to the top of Blackpool Tower, or visit in winter Blackpool Lighting. Morecambe Bay is another must-see coastal spot, with stunning seaside views and plenty of nature trails. Learn to sail at the Bay of Sea School, cycle along the Morecambe Promenade and keep an eye out for wildlife as you explore the vast estuary.


Stunning North Yorkshire Holidays

North Yorkshire has plenty of stunning outdoor scenery, cultural delights and friendly towns and villages. Explore the rolling hills and breath-taking scenery of the Yorkshire Dales, with rugged cliffs, spectacular waterfalls and hidden coves; hike the unique limestone paths above Malham Bay, or visit the beautiful Triple Drop Ai Sgarth Falls. Travel to North Yorkshire to see a variety of natural and man-made attractions: the stunning Brimham Rocks, a magical collection of unique rock formations, Forbidden Point, a scenic garden with artwork, statues, a maze of tunnels and an extended The room is underground.

Explore the natural wonder of the White Scar Caves, with underground waterfalls and rock tunnels, or explore the North York Moors National Park for rolling moorlands and scenic walks. Explore the incredible architecture of Minister of York: Climb to the top of the central tower for panoramic views of the surroundings. Of course, no visit to Yorkshire is complete without a day trip to York.

Guest Houses with Hot Tubs in the North of England | Great Deals | UK Hot Tub Tours (6)

Take a stroll through the cobbled streets and discover the joy of this unique and charming place. The walled city has a range of attractions and medieval architecture: climb to the ruins of York Castle at Clifford's Tower, or visit the York Castle Museum, where there are years of historical artefacts to explore, including reconstructed Victorian streets. Delve into the city's dark history at the York Dungeon and watch a variety of entertainment detailing the stories of Guy Fawkes, witches, robbers and plague doctors.

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What do you call a hotel room with a hot tub? ›

A hotel room with a hot tub is called a hot tub suite.

What do British people call a jacuzzi? ›

Domestic self-contained spas are usually referred to as 'hot tubs' here in the UK to avoid confusion with the term “spa”, which is usually thought of as some kind of hotel venue where you get pampered!

What is a two person hot tub? ›

A two-person hot tub is built for two, which means that you get to have all the extra space in the spa if you decide to bathe alone. Not to mention all the extra space that will be available in your backyard!

Is there a such thing as a hot and cool tub? ›

With the CoolZone hot tub cooling system, your Caldera spa can both heat and cool the water – something that is not possible in most hot tubs. This easy to use innovation expands your hot tub use, so you and your family can enjoy hot tubbing more, all year long.

What is the difference between a hot tub and a Jacuzzi? ›

A hot tub is simply the name we would use to describe a tub filled with hot water for people to relax in. Jacuzzi is the name of a company that focuses on making spa products, like hot tubs.

What's the difference between a Jacuzzi and a spa? ›

Jacuzzi vs.

Spas fall into this category, but spa is also another umbrella term that refers to water therapy, which includes Jacuzzis. Jacuzzis are a trademarked brand name. In other words, all Jacuzzis are spas and all spas are hot tubs, but not all spas and hot tubs are Jacuzzis.

What do British people call taking a bath? ›

In England, people bath themselves.

In American English, bathe means to take a bath. In British English, bathe means to swim in the sea. In both language communities, the verb means to douse something in liquid, usually for cleaning purposes.

What do they call a bathtub in England? ›

In Britain, it's more common to call a bathtub simply a bath.

What do British people call a faucet? ›

ANSWER: It's called a tap in British English and a faucet in American English.

What is hot tub etiquette? ›

Be a good guest by simply wiping the exposed parts of the hot tub down with your towel after you dry off. The hot tub's owner will be very impressed with your thoughtfulness and effort to keep their hot tub looking clean! Don't bring glass into the tub. If you BYOB, it's best not to bring glass bottles.

Is it OK to use hot tub twice a day? ›

Absolutely. Yes, you can use your hot tub twice a day, and the more regularly you use it, the more health benefits will become apparent.

Why do couples like hot tubs? ›

It's a relaxing environment where you can chat, laugh, and just enjoy each other's company. Time in your hot tub can also allow you to prevent distractions from the TV or phone, so you can focus on enjoying each other's company without any interruptions.

What does it mean when a hotel has a spa tub? ›

Compared to a regular bathtub, a spa bathtub comprises powered jets, a pump and a pump control. The powered jets pump either water or air throughout the bathtub and provide you with a massage effect.

What does it mean when a hotel has a spa? ›

(Hospitality (hotel): Hotel facilities) In a hotel, the spa and wellness facilities are where people go to exercise and have special treatments in order to improve their health. The spa and wellness facilities include a sauna and treatment rooms. The spa and wellness facilities include a sauna and gym.

What is hot tub in hotel means? ›

noun. (Hospitality (hotel): Hotel room, bathroom) A hot tub is a very large, round bath which several people can sit in together.

What is a thermal suite in a hotel? ›

Thermal Suite Consists of:

A classic Sauna with a temperature of 80 – 100 degrees has a purifying effect on the body. LACONIUM. A relaxing dry environment designed to recreate the atmosphere of a Roman Sauna. LIFESTYLE SHOWERS. Combine the heat treatments with this unique shower experience of Tropical Rain or Cool Mist ...


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