Sheff g and lil tjay neverland Lyrics (2023)

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No Negotiations Lyrics
Heard about me, girl, why are you showing off? know you hear me watch, like me, then we fuck, don't start stalking me uh, look, point to where the money sucks, take your friends and tell them, "this is where all the money sucks" tell them Niggas, wait "you don't wanna run into that kid" better tell 'em niggas (the last one tried to do it, he did)

[Lil Tjay:] First nigga to play, I bet he dies bet he got to stay in the sky (stay in the sky) niggas hate, wanna know why? I just let the bullets fly (Let the bullets fly) Hear the niggas talk in the books They don't wanna see us, Smelly Drive (See the homicides) Hear the niggas talk in the books They don't wanna see the homicides

(Video) Sheff G ft Lil Tjay - Neverland Pt2 Lyrics(Melody) [prod by @mariodrilly ]

Sheff G - No Remorse Lyrics
Catch him lacking, it'll be a body We show no remorse, look Catch him lacking, it'll be a body She wanna dance and shit, ha but I ain't dancing, I'm carrying ribs Oh hey they know I don't have the time of the clock We show no remorse Catch him lacking, it'll be a body We show no remorse, see

Bad Breed Lyrics
I can't fall in love, please don't ask me (please don't ask me), hehe. Running never changes, don't feel sorry for me, hehe. I can turn a good day into a bad week, eh. Girl, you're not crazy, you're a bad guy, ha. You are a bad breed. I stay flexin' (I stay flexin'), see. She thinks I'm her sugar daddy, doesn't she. I keep bending.

In My Head Lyrics
Sheff G - "Weight On Me" They get nothing from me) Look, look I'm gonna make money...  

Lyrics Same Friends (with Lil Tjay) - Musixmatch
I know I'm young and I'm flying in the heat and I have to love you so I won't even get to the top via twitter Pussy boy niggas be served and once I get a response they'll want to repeat I know I let It looks easy but I'm so focused and I don't have time to slack Trying to go for my brother I'm going to applaud when I tell you I love you it's not me just...

Goin' Up Lyrics
I don't care about shit, bitch, I'm relentless (relentless) pour out, I'm not sipping no Henny but I might just roll up Delilah to lift it (lift it) suck dick, bitch, I'll give you Buy a toothpick (Yeah) I can't argue with you 'cause I proved the shit (Yeah) In that bag, looks like you got some stupid shit (Fuck?)

(Video) Sheff G - Neverland(lost boy) [prod by @mariodrilly]

Mannequin (feat. Lil Tjay) Lyrics - Musixmatch
It's a Melo Beat (Bah, Bah) Look at Dior on me (Woo, uh) Head to toe like a mannequin (Mannequin) Amiri jeans make them panic (Woo) I'm on my Fanta (Fin Da) down four I'm in foreign (foreign) opps and we shoot Phantom Dior on me (err) head to toe like a mannequin Amiri jeans make them panic I down four in my F...  

Sheff G - Respect Lyrics
I'm a product of power and pain Respect the gang Respect my name I want the money but it comes with some fame One of the killers will target your brain Don't cross the line Better stay in your lane I'm power and pain A product of [Sheff G:] Look! Don't play with your life lil nigga we don't make up, follow my orders

Lil Big Bro Shit Lyrics
[Sheff G:] Look, uh, on waking up, brushing my teeth I lied, I think I grabbed the Glock instead of (You like that, huh?) (Keep on, keep on) Yeah, see if I'm dead before I wake up and I'm praying to heaven No roof man is in (yeah, kind of dark, but keep going) Bitch, ha, spend some hound couple on some pendants on some stupid shit

Polo G feat. Lil Tjay - Pop Out (feat. Lil Tjay) Lyrics - Musixmatch
Lil Tjay of Polo G). Xiaojie. We popped up at your party and I'm with the gang It's going to be a robbery so put your chains on I'm a killer girl I'm sorry but I can't change We weren't a target For your body the bullet hit Your brains we come from poverty, man, we have nothing it's a lot of hate but they won't say my name they...  

Lil Tjay - Leaked Lyrics
Someone in my circle started leaking all my songs I'm gonna keep ten toes, I'm still strong I don't understand these snake niggas, we just can't get along So I'm dodging the scene in a foreign country and seeing me go Me and YG Smoking GT in Cali Smoking Shawty in a thong, I don't know what she's wearing If she asks for a sleepover then I might...  

(Video) Sheff G & Lil Tjay - Melody (Lyrics)

Mood Swings (feat. Lil Tjay) Lyrics - Musixmatch
You know my little boo, yeah put on my Birkin and it's working she says she's a virgin (it hurts) she's my biggest fan, she's always lurking she knows I'm a man, I'm Trying on I know she can't stand me, I love it so when I get the Grammys I'll take her out late night s-, she can't find her panties and can't stand it now...  

Lyrics Feel Good (feat. Lil Tjay) - Musixmatch
She just wants a nigga, fuck her right, make her feel good Hit it when I hit it, let her know I'm still a hood Don't know what I'm drinking, but I just know I don't feel good I'm Gonna shoot, no, I can't stop now A hundred on the E-Way, top down Pray to the Lord I don't fail now When I jump on stage, you know I'm a rock and roll She doesn't love me, she fell into...

Hold On Lyrics
The lyrics stick. hold on. Yeah, I think it's time to shine, I've been waiting a long time for Broski's service time, he's been away for a long time and I promise I'll do it for us, keep it up. Wait, wait, wait, wait Henny sipping on TV and I put on robes They know I'm throwing bullets, tell opps to go away They ain't...

In My Head Lyrics
Lil Tjay's In My Head lyrics have been translated into 3 languages. Beauty is like a melody in my head, I can't say no, makes me sing like Na-na-na-na every day (Lil Tjay) Like my iPod stuck on replay, replay (uh, uh) in my head Got some weird feeling girl, I don't know what to call it (calling) so unsure...

Lil Tjay - Optimistic Lyrics
Xiaojie. (SB) Rip it up, Out the S still aint catch a body yet I aint rushed it, im just waiting they ain't try me yet bro dead floor and that shit got me cold now i'm on a mission for chickens, treat the opposition like they don't exist, the feds are listening...  

(Video) Sheff G & Lil Tjay - MELODY (Audio)

[Polo G:] Don't care what niggas say can't let that chance slip away Need ten thousand bands in the safe Just bring your friends in the ghost you don't have friends in this game bro you gotta understand niggas fake if they Block Shawty and K [Lil Tjay:] Gang, gang, gang no, oh, oh, no, no, oh...

Every other day there's a new bitch being accused of remembering all the shit I did to prove, I'm not shit but your past relationship still screwed you up God sent it and I tell you if you Don't get your shit together, I need you to stompin', I ain't stressin' bout my old boo say I've changed But it's your pain inside...  

Lil Tjay feat. 6LACK - call my phone
Steady call me I told you before it's over, leave me alone and know you're sad to see me go. Dark clouds, you'll see me storm I won't go back But trust me, you'll hold on Hold on, get you out of my mind now I can't get you out of my mind now I can't get you out of my mind, now I can't get you out of my head...

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4. Sheff G & Lil Tjay - Lost Boy (Melody) prod. mariodrilly (Slow Remix)
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6. Sheff G - Weight On Me (Visualizer) (feat. Sleepy Hallow)
(Sheff G)


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