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If you take a look at the jewelry you own, you can find that there are small letters or numbers on the inside of the band or somewhere near the jewelry closure. This stamps for gold jewelry usually mean something, but most of us meanDo not understand what they mean at all.

The stamps of the gold jewelry are there to tell them the type of metal that contains the piece. Hier are the most popular gold brands and what they mean:

  • 10k, 14l, 18k, 24k:Tell them how much gold from 24 particles compared to other metal is mixed.24k is the highest, pure gold.18k means that there are only 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of other metal.
  • 417, 585 or 750:Tell them how much gold out of 1000 particles compared to other metal mixtures.1000 is the highest, pure gold.750 means that 750 out of 1000 parts are pure gold.
  • 900, 900pt, PT900, 950, 950pt, PT950:These mean that the jewelry is platinum. The number tells you how many parts per 1000 pure platinum are.
  • GP:GP means gold -plated, which is a thin layer of gold that covers another metal inside.
  • GF:GF means filled with gold that uses a binding process to put a thin layer of gold in the base of the metal.
  • IS:It means high -quality electroplates that uses an electroplalet process to put a thin layer of gold on the outside and another metal on the inside.

Stamps will tell us how pure the gold is, whether in the ring is golden and whether the piece is only made of gold coating. If you know these stamp codes, you can make more intelligent decisions when shopping.

Let us immerse yourself a little more and learn what these stamps mean on any piece of jewelry that you buy:

The importance of branded brands on gold jewelry

The stamp codes for gold jewelry can be a bit difficult, but knowing what they mean and seeing what is in the jewelry before you buy it can help you make a much better decision.

The numbers and letters on gold jewelry, especially when it comes to the karat stamping, will tell you the quality of the metal in your piece.

10k, 14k, 18k, 24k

If you look at a piece of jewelry and notice that this is the only stamp that is on this piece, this tells you that the piece is made of solid gold.

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The number also represents the karat's fineness of the gold. We can see an example of this with the 14K, which means that inside the play 14 out of 24 particles in metal are pure gold and nothing else.

The others are often a kind of mixture of other elements, including copper and palladium. The additional elements they see determine the specific color of the gold.

But what if your gold piece contains a few other numbers and letters in addition to the karat stamp?

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You may also notice Pereitage points from AU or AG next to Karat stamps on your jewelry. This is called a fine stamp and tell you something about how pure the gold is.Gold is mixed. If you have a piece with 14k, for example, this does not mean that it contains 14 parts gold and only part of another metal.Pure gold are.

As you can see, help with the karat stamp and the fineness brand to understand how pure the gold is in the ring. They also tell you exactly what elements are in jewelry so that you know what you really buy.

Conclusion: All of these numbers tell you which karat degree your piece is and are used to describe the gold it contains.

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417, 585 or 750

In this way we can tell the content of gold in the piece. To tell us how many of 24 parts are pure gold, this will tell us of 1,000.

So if you have something that is 18k gold, this means that 750 out of 1000 parts are pure gold. The 14k will be 585 parts of 1,000. The 10K will be 417 parts of 1,000.

This method has been outdated for a long time, but there are still many people who use to determine the purity of your gold.

Conclusion: The higher the number in this case, the more particles are in the piece of gold.

900, 900 PT, PT 900, 950, 950 PT, PT950 (platinum)

The numbers are the percentage of platinum in the metal.

900, 900PT and PT900 will mean that the metal we see is 900 parts Pers 1000 pure platinum.

950, 950PT and PT950 tell us that the metal is 950 parts per 1000 pure platinum.


The number 900 is often used in American jewelry, while the 950 is preferred by European brands.

The number 950 works cheaper than 900 because it is a lower amount of platinum, therefore cheaper, but it will also wear faster and possibly be changed more often. However, the 900 does not have to be changed so often.

The 950 also tends to separate faster than the 900, but with caution it can stay beautiful for longer.

Conclusion: The 950 will border faster and faster, while the 900 will not get any, but more expensive. Beidy are beautiful metals that take a long time.

GP (Gold Platted)

If you see this type of name, it is a sign that the piece of jewelry is made from plated gold, but there is a different type of metal that is located under the gold plate.

It will usually have a kind of karat fine, so that you know the carat weight of the gold coating, so you can therefore be listed as a 18k GP.

This is a good way to get some jewelry at a reduced price that looks like real gold, but remember that the entire object does not consist of gold, but only the coating above.

Conclusion: If you want gold but don't want to spend a lot of money on it, go with this option.

GF (gold filled)

This is almost the opposite of what we found with GP. It stands for gold.

This will tell you that there is a thin layer of the gold that was bound in the metal base to make the piece.

The whole thing may not be gold and you may have a completely different metal from outside, such as platinum or silver, but the inside has a small amount of silver to work.

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Conclusion: GF is a little less than the very real solid gold options on this list. This price has in the middle and costs it no arm and one leg to do it.

He (high -grade electroplate)

Our last marker is, this will be the abbreviation that is used for high -grade electroplats.

This means that there is a kind of metal inside, but it was layered with gold in an electroplate process to offer you a thin layer of gold coating. For example, the jewelry can be made from a basic metal such as copper or silver.

In order to create the piece and make it look real, an electroplet process takes place, in which the object goes through different layers of coating at different times.

This can help ensure that you have something that looks like gold and behaves like gold, but actually costs much less.

Conclusion: The piece is not a fixed gold and the thickness can vary from the manufacturer to the manufacturer.

Why are the stamps of gold jewelry important?

The markings will be important because they tell them more about the piece.

If you want a certain ring carat, you would like to make sure that the mark is found. Or if you want to get a pure golden ring, you can make sure that one of the other markings is not included and you do not spend more than youwould like.

Related questions about jewelry brands

How do I identify my jewelry brands?

If you have a piece of jewelry and want to know what it is made of, there are some steps that you can take.

You need a kind of magnifying glass so that you can see the inside of the ring or the stone to find the stamp. You can no longer hold your ring in the light and you may be able to see it with your naked eye.

Sometimes you may have to put the ring into a jeweler so that you can look at it by enlarging and determine what it is made of.

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What are the karat markings for gold and jewelry?

If you see a piece that has about 14 kg, this will tell you that it consists of 14 parts of 24 karat pure gold. It is weighed as a whole ring or another piece of jewelry.Ring.

If you have something like 18 KGP, you will tell you that there is a gold coating on a basic metal and may not contain as much gold as you would think.

What is a trademark for jewelry?

A trademark is a metal stamp that is impressed on the metal of a ring or piece of jewelry. Normally, it is stamped near the band or the shaft of the jewelry and is sometimes made of numbers and sometimes some symbols.

Licenses are used by manufacturers to determine where they were manufactured and their quality.Hallmark stamps assure the buyer that the piece of jewelry they buy is authentic.the karat weight and the type of metal that is used to make the jewelry.

Does gold have to be stamped?

Gold jewelry has to be stamped. The stamp is required by state regulations to ensure that the wearer of a gold jewelry gets exactly what he paid for.Stamp must be stamped.

The stamp helps to identify the type of metal and the quality and size of the gold used for the production. This stamp should be stamped somewhere on both sides of the band or the shaft so that it can be easily read.


Now that you know how to read the trademark on gold jewelry, you can make a little more intelligent decisions when buying.

If you know what type of metal in the play and whether it is a solid gold or not, you can find out whether it is worth your money or not. It is also good to know whether there are alloys that partOf their piece or not.

If you know the weight and the carat designation, you can know whether it is a good price -performance ratio and can help you save money if you want to get something nice in the future.


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