Tales from the Dead West by Ghoultown (2023)


night devil 02:35


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melody 02:46


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Crazy machines spinning in wheels Worms in black holes Souls in fruit peels Madhouses spinning on walls Flashing lights Melting mirrors distort autumn's chorus: spinning death spinners Shake my head and steal my breath Spin spinning spinner of life you're a crazy machine rolling backwards on a wicked evil ride millions of strangers fall into its tricks pleading mad fifth mocking sinister rail yes thrill junkies on permanent fix on raving scream cut like a razor i told you before you can never escape it's a crazy machine to race


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texas killer 04:04


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I'm a cold-blooded killer My soul is torn and ripped out of the black heart of Texas I've got devil's horns I give my life to hurt you Drink your blood to keep me warm I was born with a full moon I came home and it doesn't Gonna be a long refrain: there's a killer in Texas there's a killer in the tracks there's a killer in the tracks I'm a hell raisin gangster stealing lives here kill a man to see a star by cutting off his eyes because I start living in the hands of evil In hell I don't have a chance You praise what I do The evil comes and goes when the night falls I'm a cold-blooded killer I'm always on the run Look at me Mom aren't you proud of your son? 'Cause I gave my life to hurt you drink your blood to keep me warm


ghost rider in the sky 02:59


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combustion 05:05

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Never heard what you said I don't need it anyway Never see what you see They don't suspect love at all Now I'm on fire You're on the way Like a human candle lit Burn out Midnight rises And here we are You Scratch my soul but I've come so far Chorus: I don't want anyone I don't need anyone I don't take my lover Will spit on the fire in my head you might curse me I don't care you're gone I'm exploding I'm consumed by the way I feel about you like a ghost without fame to love and hold on to cherish torment


insect 04:05


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Rush to the bar and let me drink your best cuz the dust in my throat is turning to bricks Let it be the Mexican magic you hid down there I can hear him calling I can hear him begging like water I don't need a chaser I don't need a lime Just pour a wine glass Keep one hand holding that sissy fly Glass Queen of the night that dies Lift up the bottle Bet who gets to have this wonderful emcee chorus Mission: Worms I look out through the bar's hollow gutters Climb up the walls like ribs Frenzied dancers move like cobras to the sound of Skeletons I can hear his whispers I can hear him in this filth Dirty halls calling every poker player he's a garden viper he's a mongrel puppy dog ​​hair is all you need a card in one hand a cup in the other drink up tomorrow we might be the children of death I'll tell you what I mean sell your soul to smoke and drink put your little lips around your neck and swallow worms baby I'm your man


midnight train 03:50

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Leaving tonight on the midnight train Rolling out of town like thunder Rolling out of town like a New Year's ball Making a demonic noise under a strong urge Watch me clear all the tracks I'm gobbling I'm out of control Like a hot wind blowing Hear me again Sing a loop chorus: ok shit you can do when I'm rolling on you I'm on the train at midnight My coal is black My heart is tempered steel I gotta have an iron lung and time to burn As my wheels move Like a bat from hell Along the rails Move my wings open I'm a man with a breath of a bike don't stop tonight


Sharpshooter 03:16


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It was a lonely day in hell and I met your soul looking for light I heard a voice in the dark of the devil I saw a grinning bird of prey You cleaned your leather and the rain fell Some of them will Say the chorus: the gunslinger - the red sky is falling unslinger - the chains of your soul gunslinger - we all met our maker you shot those zombies in her eyes are two twin silver dollar moons they burn from heaven in your song He's blown away like a dirge in the desert You close your eyes and she's gone You beg the shadows to let her go They just laugh and crawl away You'll be drifting forever Till you find her The world is long gone Your grave is full Killed two dark angels for what they did they must pay


Jonah Hex's Death 03:38

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a dusty hollow float lying on the bed you have dirty water under your feet you have an angel on your head you have devils on your sides with a bottle in your hands the owner of the double iron will no doubt be dead soon it's from the dealer and Deck starts fifty one star beer, cuervo gold, two killers and their guns Darkness is the witness it creeps down on town You meet a fucking stranger with horns under his crown No mortal can beat you without you lose Had a fight but now they'll take you from this place and lock you in a box on Jonah Hex's death bed we'll kneel and pray when ghosts rattle the door and the devil is in the chair you remember the filth The nights when you hear the banshee moan Those bad drunk bastards Sing Billy in a bowl They take you to midnight mass and get you in trouble Church it must be a bullet with its silver tip polished to shoot into the heart and shatter every bone jonah hex's death bed we'll kneel and pray when ghosts rattle at the door and the devil is in the chair at heaven's gate Your voice turns to yelling they won't serve you so you kick the fuck ** they push you back into the street they kick your brains send you to hell they say you should stay with Jonah Hex on the death bed we'll kneel and pray


escape from the sun 04:39


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she came without a kiss the blood on her wrist was so cold she said take me home her dress fell to the ground the virgin near me who took it slowly the darkness grows i am the nameless prince of eternal pain i am Forgotten chorus of the day: run from the sun in the morning fire it burns in the price of her love at every turn she says I think I'm dead now I take this dying bride on eternal nightwing she flies out of life I'm the darkest lover's secret I'm the snake's scarlet tongue I'm your prince of pain soon I'll be everything to you push you inside in the dark steal from your mouth our words are one Hidden place in the sun, where we hear their wail, I take you out of your yellow hell, run from the sun

TALES FROM THE DEAD WEST is the first full-length album released by Ghoultown. The unique songwriting combines elements of rock, goth and cow punk with influences from spaghetti westerns and horror films, resulting in a hybrid of Nick Cave, The Misfits and western psychosis.

(Video) Ghost Riders in the Sky

The album has been out of print since 2007, but is finally available in digital format on Bandcamp!


1. Ghoultown - La Noche Diablo / Ghost Riders In The Sky
(Never talk to AI)
2. Killer in Texas
(Ghoultown - Topic)
3. Killer In Texas
(Ghoultown - Topic)
4. Death of Jonah Hex
(Ghoultown - Topic)
5. RotoRiculous
(Ghoultown - Topic)
6. Ghoultown - RotoRiculous


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